Portrait Session: Lauren

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I’ve been so blessed to meet some amazing friends in photography class.  DeAwna and Brighid both are in a similar boat as I am.  Working in our careers but wondering if photography is something we’d like to do professionally.  I think we all are planning on pursuing our photography careers, but realize how much hard work and dedication it’s going to take.  It’s refreshing to have supporters and friends to commiserate with.  Now that you have a little background info on how this shoot came to be, on to the Portrait Session with Lauren.  Lauren is a friend of DeAwna’s and they met at the Pilate’s Studio that DeAwna manages.  Lauren is a super cool girl who volunteered to be our subject for the shoot.  She is a Pilates instructor and also dances at the Hubbard Street Dance Center here in Chicago.  Lauren loves collaborating with other artists to come up with anything creative.  Her parents are also professional photographers.  Lauren, you rock!

DeAwna coordinated the shoot and then was gracious enough to invite Brighid and myself along.  Thanks so much to DeAwna and Lauren for being FABULOUS and including Brighid and I in their shoot!

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Life: Vacation to St. Martin

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My husband Jon and I were thrilled to go on vacation with my parents to St. Martin.  This wasn’t any old family vacation.  It was our first annual vacation.  Something I had been looking forward for months.  Something we hope to enjoy for years to come.  The beaches were beautiful, the french cuisine was to.die.for.  I still haven’t gotten on the scale.  And I’m not going to either.  We spent the day in St. Barth’s.  I know why celebrities go there.  It’s FAB.U.LOUS.  I can’t even begin to describe the colors of the ocean there.  Turquoise.  Green.  Blue.  Breathtaking.  And there really is no such thing as a fat French woman.  They were all super slim.  Unfortunately, I forgot to take my camera to St. Barth’s.  I know.  Not always the brightest crayon in the box.  But. I did have the opportunity to visit a Butterfly Farm on St. Martin.  A little screened in tropical paradise.  The only natural habitat left on the island.  Thank God it’s protected.  Because it rocked.

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The Villa we stayed in was connected to another that was owned by a French family.  Here’s a quick snapshot of Marine, the neighbors’ daughter.  She did not speak any English with the exception of “I speak English”.  Hilarious.  You can see her photo in the slideshow.

Portrait Session: Andrea and Tom

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At the beginning of March, I had the opportunity to photograph Andrea and Tom for a Maternity session.  Andrea and Tom are the nicest couple you’ll ever meet.  You hang out with them once and are like “I want them to be my new BFF’s”.  Andrea was so gracious to give me a little Facebook love by answering my request to volunteer for a photography assignment for my Advanced Digital Class at Chicago Photography Academy.  I was lucky enough to meet Andrea at our friend Anne’s bachelorette party.  I was nervous to go to Anne’s party because I knew I wasn’t really going to know anybody there.  That’s just me.  Fortunately, I met Andrea there and we hit it off instantly.  I ended up having a great time celebrating with Anne that night and think she did too.  Both Andrea and Tom always have a smile on their faces.  They exemplify what having a positive outlook on life is!  They are anxiously awaiting the arrival of their little girl.  Although Andrea is 7 months pregnant and counting, she still has “a normal belly button”.  She was cracking me up as she kept commenting and laughing about this during our session.  And it is one.sexy.belly.button.  Without further adou, I present to you, Andrea, Tom and the precious baby bump.

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Portrait Session: Malia and Abena

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When Abena asked me if I would be interested in documenting Malia turning 9 months, I was more than ecstatic!  Abena is the volunteer coordinator at the Ronald McDonald House where I volunteer, so I have seen Malia grow and change monthly during my visits to The House.  Abena is a wonderful person, spending countless hours at the House helping families, planning/attending events to raise money for our charity, etc.  She’s the life of the party and has a laugh that’s big and genuine.  She often times stays after hours when I make my visits, just to see how things are going with me.  Because that’s the kind of person she is.  And that Malia….  She.is.a.doll.

At the beginning of March, I headed down to the South Shore of Chicago for my first “official” photo shoot with Malia.  She was turning 9 months old, a big feat and exciting time in her little life.  My.stomach.was.in.knots.  I wanted to capture images that Abena would be proud to show to others and I think I did just that.  It could have been beginners luck, it could have been that Malia would let you try anything and still smile, but what I really think helped during this shoot was the relaxed and laid back atmosphere  that Abena and I provided for Malia.  Way to go girls!

I can’t wait to document Malia’s 1 year photos :)

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A part of me…

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Today my photography assignment was to take a “self-portrait” that only included “part” of me.  Not only was accomplishing this task difficult at first because I would have a hard time focusing so close, but also because I wanted to be creative and come up with something meaningful at the same time.  That’s when I thought to myself, my wedding rings are a huge part of who I am because of the commitment they represent.  I was looking for the “perfect” composition when my eyes landed on my Remembrance Bell.  My Mom bought me this bell a while back as a remembrance of my brother Derek and the memories we’ve shared as brother and sister, and also as a family.  So here it is: My self-portrait.  While it doesn’t include my body, it represents all that I am and all that I care about: My husband, my family and my brother that is with us in spirit.  I often think that Derek is the one who sent Jon to me, making this photograph of an angel and my rings very fitting.  How’s that for philosophical?  Enjoy ;)

Wedding Workshop

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I had the pleasure of attending my first wedding workshop today.  Here are some of the shots taken that I liked.  Pretend like you can’t see the clamps on the model’s dress.  The academy could have done a better job at coordinating dress and makeup.  None the less, I still learned a lot.  Krystal and Aaron were rockstars for not being professional models.

First edited Photoshoot

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My BFF Jackie was my beautiful model (what a good sport).  I can’t wait to take the Lightroom Class on February 20th…

Cupid got me…

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Call me corny but, this is the Valentine I was given by a student on Wednesday.  I’ll take it as a sign.  It seems so far that a big part of getting into the photography business is having the confidence to meet and network with people.  This Valentine made me smile :)

Kelly Moore is giving away a bag!

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Go enter to win!


Photography Assignment: Utilize your camera’s histogram as an exposure meter

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My attempt at achieving the “perfect exposure” using the histogram.  I had to generate one frontlit and one backlit image.  I thought that using the exposure adjustment button was more difficult than adjusting aperture.  They did work well together sometimes though too.  What do you think??  Here are a few of my unedited results:

Jon being my model (again)!  Love you baby.

Jackie, also a good sport, and GORGEOUS model ;)

The last thing I had to do was capture some images of shadows.  I haven’t quite figured out what we’re doing with these yet…

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